About the Founder

Mark Morozov is the CEO and founder of Global Revival since 2019. He lives in Florida and has been in full time ministry since 2016. He has also joined CFAN Ministries in 2021 as an Associate Evangelist. Despite coming from a lineage of pastors and ministers, Mark tragically lost his father at the age of 14, leading him to become a prodigal who needed to come back home to discover the love of his Heavenly Father. After experiencing addiction, partying, bitterness, anger, and walking away from a successful business, Mark turned back to the Lord and realized that serving and living in His tangible Presence was the only way he wanted to live. He travels throughout the world evangelizing, moving in the miraculous, prophetic, and short-term missions. Mark has  a passion for seeing genuine revival and his heart is for people to be transformed by the power of the Gospel while finding true joy at the altar.

Our Vision



In order for our generation to be activated, they first need to be revived through the preaching of the Gospel.


Next, we focus on discipling the people of God through biblical teaching and one on one training.


Jesus said a house divided against itself cannot stand. We work to unite the body of Christ in order to move the kingdom forward.


Once a disciple has been created, they need to be activated into the calling that God has on their life.